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Coarse, where layer lines are very visible to the naked eye. Great for large parts and prototypes where dimensional accuracy is not critical.
Great quality for a range of sizes and parts. This is what most parts are best printed at.
Great for small parts, less visible layer lines and dimensionally critical parts.
Great for prototyping
Great for prototyping
Great for prototyping
Less visible layer lines
Tough and UV resistant
Tough and UV resistant
Great way to save on cost if parts are not meant for load or dynamic functions.
Great for parts that require to withstand a higher load.
Only select if part needs to be a solid.
  • 1) Recycled PLA (FDM/FFF)
    • White PLA
    • Black PLA
    • Grey PLA
  • 2) PLA (FDM/FFF)
    • Matte Black PLA
    • Matte White PLA
  • 3) Recycled PETG (FDM/FFF)
    • White PETG
    • Black PETG
  • FDM
    • 0.3mm Layer Height (Prototype)
    • 0.2mm Layer Height (Standard)
    • 0.1mm Layer Height (High Quality)

Choose an infill that will best suit your application.
We recommend 15% for standard PLA parts, 50% for functional parts, 80% for high strength parts and only 100% if you need to mimic a solid part.

  • 15-20% (Standard)
  • 50% (Good for functional parts)
  • 80% (High Strength)
  • 100% (Solid)

All orders are subject to a one off £10 start up cost.

Need help choosing the right material? Check out our 3D print materials guide.

3D Print Materials Guide

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