our services.

we offer the following FDM 3D printing services…

rapid prototyping

We can produce prototypes for various purposes, including functional fit, sizing, aesthetics and more.

small batch manufacturing

 We can produce functional parts in low volumes on demand without the upfront cost of tooling as with injection moulding.

large 3D prints

Some of our in house printers are capable of producing parts in excess of 380mm x 380mm x 380mm.

and we offer the following in addition to our printing services…

3D CAD design service

Our in house team have expertise in modelling and designing in CAD. They understand the requirements for various manufacturing processes especially 3D printing.

design optimisation for FDM printing

  We can hyper optimise your design to ensure excellent, repeatable prints at a lower cost to you.

FREE no obligation FDM printing advice

We offer a no obligation consultation and advise on FDM 3D printing. Even if you have something else to discuss, contact us and we will be happy to help.