about rigid prints.

established as a direct result of the success of AIB Innovations Ltd… 

AIB Innovations Ltd is a product and engineering design agency that launched in 2016 and is our parent firm. It had a large demand for fast, efficient and sustainable 3D printing services in the UK especially from early stage device and hardware startups. As a result rigid prints was born.

we pride ourselves in providing plastic manufacturing service whilst remaining green! 

All of our plastic filaments are sourced from suppliers who manufacture using sustainable methods. For example, our PET filament is made from 100% recycled materials and our PLA filament is made from over 80% recycled materials.

Our sustainable efforts do not end there… 3D printers are relatively low energy consumers, however running multiple printers 24/7 can add up. Therefore, rigid prints’ print farm is also powered by solar panels. 

our capacity and capability? 

We solely focus on FDM 3D printing technology and can produce parts anywhere from between 1-250 parts in just one day. Our printers can run faster than your average FDM 3D printer without loss of quality and thus we have the capability to deliver more in less time. At this moment in time we do not run multiple extrusion printers and therefore cannot produce multi-material, multi-colour prints. 

We are consistently adding to our fleet of printers so our capacity is constantly growing. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements